Curated Piercing Consultation

$100.00 1 hour

Each appointment is non-refundable. Appointments cannot be rescheduled.

We do not offer appointments on Saturday. Saturdays are first come, first serve only.

Curated piercings require a personal relationship to achieve success, which is what this consultation will establish. You will have one hour of personal help with Jessica, one of the owners of the studio and the sole jewelry buyer. Jessica has been a piercing collector for almost twenty years, and has a background in costume and fashion design.

This consultation appointment also includes one single piercing fee, and one 2oz bottle of Briotech (our recommended aftercare product).

What you should know about curated piercings:

  • Curated piercing can be expensive. Usually gold jewelry will have to be used in at least one piercing, if not all. Be comfortable with spending $600 – $1000 at a minimum. This will not necessarily be the cost of one piercing session, but will be spread out over some months. You will have a full idea of final cost before committing to anything.
  • Your final look may not be realized for quite some time. We will only do three piercings in one session, and often jewelry will have to be custom ordered. You will most likely have to come in for multiple sessions spread out every six to eight weeks.
  • Piercings can hurt, and require constant care. We will go over the care for your piercings during the consultation, but be prepared o be dedicated to the care of your piercings for months, if not years.


The amount paid in advance here does not include the cost of the jewelry. Additional piercing fees can be paid for at the time of your appointment if necessary. You will purchase jewelry in the studio at the time of your appointment to assure appropriate size, style, and control over quality and sterility.

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